Darley Moor MAC

Control Line Aeromodelling

Darley Moor Model Aircraft Club.

Flying site at Darley Moor race track site,

 off the A515  near Ashbourne Derbyshire.

Flying takes place on pre-selected days as it is still an active race track.

B Class ???

Darley Members.

Pictures and articles await.

What’s all the VooDoo?

We are currently building Splinter type models that will be running on bladders, 60ft lines and UK formulated rules.

Hopefully if anything is flyable we hope to demo at the British Nats this year.

If you are interested let us know.

The cobra is destined to be an engine test bed for the B class combat motors.

OS 32SX looks a good engine to try.  

Anyone fancy B class combat?

Some members are getting serious about B class combat with Fox 36X motors and USA class models  for a bit of fun.

It is destined to be a proper contest when all the gear is sorted.